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At Raymond George Consultancy, we focus on the long-term success of our clients and candidates.

As a boutique Rec2Rec agency, we understand the pain points recruitment consultants can face, from candidate sourcing to feeling valued in your current position. Working throughout Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, we build long-term partnerships to help recruitment consultants reach their potential and achieve both their professional and personal goals.

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The life sciences & pharma sector is dedicated to making medicine more accessible and improving the quality of life for everyone. This sector’s importance has been thrust to the forefront, with so much on the line recruiters need an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s needs.

From customer service workers, PA’s and all administrative functions, these are the people that are the backbone of every Company. Recruiting for a diverse range of sectors and organisations. Commercial recruiters are often fulfilling roles both full time, permanent and temporary/contract in nature.

Whether it’s construction, rail or automotive, we excel at providing rec-to-rec (recruitment to recruitment) solutions within the technical and engineering sectors. So, whether you’re a candidate looking for the next step in your career or a client looking for the next team member, you can rely on our extensive experience to help you succeed.

From the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain to significant advances in machine learning and AI, the past decade introduced new technologies which have completely changed the technology world. As the next 10 years promises more innovation, recruiters with genuine expertise in the industry are in high demand.

In the recruitment industry, finding the best entry-level talent is crucial to an agencies growth. So, if you’re looking for the next generation of your business, we know that candidates’ intrinsic motivators will make the difference between success and failure. Our own recruitment careers have identified these people on multiple occasions and we are able to see the potential in people. Home grown consultants can yield fantastic results, when they are immersed in your process and culture.

Enabling your career advancement at a senior level is an area we understand very well. We identify senior folks that can launch new sectors, build successful teams and generate profits. Typically Director, Associate Director, Business Development Director and Managing Director are the group that we network with here. These opportunities are strategic and ofter confidential searches.

The professional services sector typically requires candidates with specific training to fill roles including accountants, lawyers and HR professionals. In depth knowledge of the sector which is often gained through education ensures you are credible and knowledgable with both clients and candidates.

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We’re here to propel recruitment careers.

Whether you’re seeking a new opportunity within the recruitment or talent acquisition space, or you’re looking for an experienced recruiting professional to join your team, our human approach to Rec2Rec enables us to get to the heart of every hire.


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