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Helping you take control of your growth

With candidates reluctant to move and the talent pool shrinking, we appreciate you need a more measured approach to recruitment.

It’s never been enough to purely rely on available talent. At Raymond George, we employ a search-and-select method designed to bring the industry’s top billers to your door.

Clients trust us when they are looking for the best talent

Helping you grow with profitable placements

No matter how you reacted to the changing recruitment landscape, recovery, stability, and growth are the priority. Whether you’re already implementing planned development or it’s a long-term strategy, we find candidates worth investing in.

We know how difficult internal recruitment can be, especially with everyone fighting over the same talent pool. Your ideal candidates aren’t always readily available on the market, so we continue to network and nurture a pipeline of talent, prepared to make that first connection.


How Raymond George Consultancy find you the best talent in recruitment

In an industry filled with top talent and for lucrative rewards, enticing the best candidates to your business is only becoming tougher.

Fortunately, we help recruitment agencies find their sector’s best talent across the UK, U.S., and Canada. Your industry is our expertise, and we’re confident our boutique approach will strengthen your business and team.

As a client, we understand you have high expectations, and we strive to exceed them, every time. To do this, we combine high levels of transparency with the client support you deserve, allowing us to remove the stress of internal recruitment. Our goal is to connect top recruiters with your business, creating a trusted partnership along the way.

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