Getting Into Recruitment: Can I Get A Recruitment Job With No Experience?

At Raymond George Consultancy, we understand that many graduates and entry level recruitment candidates battle a revolving door – unable to secure a role due to limited experience, and unable to secure experience due to a lack of role.  We recognise that you can sometimes find yourself stuck wondering, can I get a Recruitment job with little experience?

The answer? Yes.

It is important to decipher that all recruitment is a type of sales, the key differentiator being that instead of selling a product, you are selling ‘people’. In simplistic terms, it requires selling people to companies and companies to people. If you have a way with words, a recruitment consultant could be the career path for you.

Entry Level Roles That Don’t Require Vast Levels Of Experience:


An ideal introductory role, the majority of resourcer work involves a one-sided sell to candidates. Your focus will be to source candidates, which can be done by screening CVs, searching job sites or, proactively headhunting and networking within the industry.
This allows entry level recruiters to gain real-time insight into their sector of choice, building client relationships and market knowledge – some choose to become an expert and stay within the role.

Once sourced, you will be responsible for contacting the candidates to assess their needs and requirements and discuss possible job opportunities.


A Researcher role is often the most common route into the ‘Search’ sector.

As a researcher, the primary focus of the role is to research and target companies, mapping out the market and ultimately, searching for individuals that either you or a consultant can contact.

Successful researchers should have strong analytical and organisational skills.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Involving both clients and candidates, a trainee recruitment consultant is often referred to as ‘full-cycle recruitment’ because you will be involved in every stage of the recruitment process.

You may be given an area for growth or tasked with developing existing accounts – or both.

On a daily basis, you will be selling the services of the recruitment company to your clients, negotiating terms of business and learning about their business requirements. You will also be sourcing candidates and assessing their suitability for the vacancies you are working on as well as selling the benefits to them and arranging interviews.

As you take on board the training provided, your responsibilities will grow so excellent time management skills are essential to this entry role.

Business Developer

Larger recruitment companies have a dedicated sales team who focus purely on new business development.

In this position, you will be asked to research potential clients and contact them to negotiate a business relationship. Once relationships have been developed and vacancies acquired, they are usually passed to a team of consultants who will start resourcing candidates for a role(s).

As the day-to-day role is predominantly client contact, confidence and credibility are key as well as communication skills such as having the ability to negotiate and build long lasting relationships.

Recruitment Sectors To Consider:

At Raymond George Consultancy, we cover a wide range of Recruitment sectors including:

  • Life Sciences and Pharma

  • Technology and Transformation

  • Professional Services

  • Senior Appointments

  • Technical & Engineering

  • Commercial

Certainly, we believe that finding the best entry-level talent is crucial to an agency’s growth and future success.

For further information about our Entry-level roles, contact a member of our team today! Alternatively, browse our full range of insights here.

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