Wish you were here……

Well we might all wish we were on the beach sipping a piña colada, but some of us are back at the ranch trying to hit our weekly activity goals and write some business over the summer months.

The questions I pose for our profession are simple:

Is it reasonable to expect our teams to produce the same levels of recruitment productivity and business over these core “holiday season” months as you do during the rest of the year?

As a manager or a business owner are you flexible about your expectations and make sure you let your teams know that you “get it?”

Certainly in management positions I have held in the past I will admit I have been one of the cheerleaders that has encouraged my teams to “keep dialing” as SOMEONE has got to be in the office still? haven’t they? I’ll also admit that it has seemed a bit like asking them to complete a task that resembles hitting your head against a brick wall……

Could we/should we be doing other parts of our jobs that could foster similar results, just perhaps deviate from the weekly KPI’s that we are managed to which in some recruitment organiastions are very regimented?

What are your views and tactics on how we can generate business without totally frustrating those around us, knowing that there are key times during the year where it all gets a bit tougher. Watch out, here comes August!

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