Why Using A Staffing Agency For Staffing Roles Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Staffing Consultants who find themselves looking for new opportunities may feel that using a staffing agency is counter productive. You may be thinking, “I’m a successful staffing consultant working at an award winning agency, why should I use a Recruitment to Recruitment (Rec2Rec) agency to find me a new role?”

The benefits are exactly the same as the benefits that you offer to your candidates: No matter how good a recruiter you are, working with a staffing agency can open the door to a wider range of jobs or types of positions that you may not have previously considered or had access to.

Why Is It Important To Have A Specialist Take Over Your Search?

Rec2Rec staffing specialists know exactly where your job search lives, allowing staffing candidates to capitalise on their insider knowledge. For example, at Raymond George we specialise in supplying Staffing Consultants and Business Developers for:

  • Life Sciences and Pharma
  • Office Professionals
  • Professional Services
  • Entry Level
  • Technology & Transformation
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Senior Appointments
  • Working From Home

If you’re looking to move into a Technical & Engineering staffing role, our dedicated team will be happy to provide you with professional, accurate and up-to-date guidance. With clients across Canada including Toronto, Ontario and Ottawa, we can provide exciting opportunities both locally and in the US.

Double the Power:

As recruiters, we spend hours looking at resumes but often neglect our own. A good Consultant will work with you to make sure your resume highlights your skills and expertise.
Sometimes, abilities you may think are obvious or assume a hiring manager will know you possess, can often go amiss. Utilising the services of a staffing agency could make a real difference to your resume.

At Raymond George, we understand how important it is to find the right opportunity for you. Our boutique approach allows us to understand the needs of our candidates, personally. We pride ourselves on giving you honest advice. If we do not think an opportunity is the right fit for you – we’ll tell you.

Double the Knowledge:

Logical when you think about it. As a recruiter yourself, you will understand that having someone with industry knowledge makes a huge difference. This could include pathways for you to be one of the first applicants for a role, or providing you with helpful tips and areas to highlight on your resume – all of which give you a greater advantage to secure a first-stage interview.

Moreover, it is likely that the Staffing Consultant you choose will provide further access to permanent positions that may not have reached the external market yet.

Certainly, working with a staffing firm can help you make the most of your new opportunity. For example, Raymond George Consultants provide our selected candidates with information, accurate market insights and helpful hints for any proactive measures you can input to take full advantage of the latest job openings.

Time Saving:

As a recruiter yourself, you are well aware of the time it takes to do all this yourself, whilst balancing your work, social and home life. By reaching out to a staffing agency, you can continue your packed day job with no worry about having to spend extra hours trolling through job boards.

Indeed, starting a conversation with your chosen staffing consultant regarding your aspirations and goals means that you can receive tailored advice while you simply wait for the magic to happen as they go about finding the next amazing role for you.

Recruitment moves fast and hiring managers will make decisions quickly. Having your own personal staffing consultant to handle all the stress for you can be a great help. At Raymond George, we help negotiate salaries using our expertise and market knowledge and advise you on what is or isn’t a good package and most importantly, if you could get better elsewhere.

Local Reach:

We recognise that there are Rec2Rec’s based in the UK and the US that are branching into the Canadian market. However, we suggest employing a staffing consultancy that has local knowledge and local insights. Statistically speaking, opting for a local Rec2Rec consultancy will be a greater benefit to you. Why? Simply put, they know the staffing landscape better and can be a valuable source of information on game changers in the industry for recruiters.

At Raymond George for example, we love meeting candidates and hearing their stories. We have already spent the time building a vast network of candidates, so you don’t have to.

 A Good Path To Victory:

We’re here to bring a human approach to Rec2Rec. Staffing is still thriving, and with our support, you can start planning for your future. Speak to a member of our team today.

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