Why Mastering the 6 Qs Makes You A Better Recruiter

You are probably sat there wondering to yourself what the 6 Qs are and how you can master them. By the time you have finished this article, you will have the answer to this golden question.

The 6 Qs are known as:

IQ or intelligence quotient EQ or emotional intelligence quotient PQ or passion quotient CQ or cultural quotient CRQ or courage quotient IMQ or improvisation quotient

Together when these 6 Qs are in balance, it can mean you are thriving professionally with your clients, candidates and colleagues. In fairness, they are the things we look for too when screening our candidates.

Let’s distill what the 6 Qs really mean and why they are so important:

IQ or Smarts, Intelligence, Critical Thinking Quotient

Problem solving is potentially the single most important part of being a great recruiter. There are so many balls in the air every day and with new information constantly emerging, you have to be able to think through solutions to find the best one. Having the ability to stay ahead of ‘surprises’ by asking the right questions and premeditating outcomes critically can help you and save time and your clients money. While it is important to have the intelligence, it isn’t enough as a stand alone skill because so much of our job is reliant on our social ability as well.

EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient

Our ability to read others is likely what led you to a career in recruitment to begin with. By connecting, reading body language and having superb listening skills you uncover clues about motivation and goals that lead you to making a successful placement. Having the ability to empathise with someone who is considering a career change or clients whose business is in flux can create a bond that sets you aside from other fasttalking account managers.

PQ or Passion Quotient

There are people who claim to be a ‘people person’ and then there are recruiters. We are passionate about people because we spend a great deal of our time uncovering what makes them tick and hunting for the best roles to help them achieve their goals. You must certainly exhibit passion to continue with a big smile after a long day full of stressful negotiations. Passion also manifests itself when you show you care about the big picture such as loyalty to the greater mission of the company, volunteering for tasks that help others and staying late when needed. These forms of employee engagement make you a standout member of the team.

CQ or Cultural Quotient

In these times, cultural sensitivity is crucial to succeeding in any large scale operation. Understanding candidates with diverse backgrounds can help you collaborate with branches of the company or clients in other parts of the world. Perhaps you might communicate more assertively with a client from London than you would with a candidate from a less metropolitan area. Understanding traditions and holidays observed in different parts of the world can also make you stand out with international clients and candidates as well.

CRQ or Courage Quotient

As a recruiter, this can mean having the courage to go beyond what is expected of you during the work day. It can mean surprise and delighting a candidate when you rallied with your client to get them a better salary than they were expecting or it can simply mean challenging what seems normal to most people, in light of a better way. It is thought that this openness and vulnerability inspires trust and commitment and can foster better connections.

IMQ or Improvisation Quotient

Do more with less, demonstrate your curiosity and adaptability and be ready for anything. This should be the mantra of any recruiter because managing when things don’t go to plan is part of the lifestyle. A great way to sharpen this skill is to network more. The conversations and the people that you meet are less predictable than those of your office or immediate circle. Any small step outside your comfort zone can boost your improvisation quotient and ultimately contribute to some of the other 5 Qs as well!

When all is said and done, it’s easy to see why these 6 Qs make for a superstar recruiter and how strengthening them can lead to greater success that sets you aside from the competition. It isn’t necessary to be perfect but instead it’s about the effort you put in to consistently improve upon these skills that makes you a clear winner.

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