What is the Real Reputation of Rec2Rec, and is it truly deserved?

Without a doubt, most recruiters are hard-working, trustworthy and go the extra mile to really understand you and your business. However, the stories of those who aren’t can sometimes overshadow the great work recruiters do.

Just like you, we are aware of the current reputation of Rec2Rec. We wanted to take a deeper look, identifying its real reputation and whether this is reflective of the industry as a whole or, if it is time for a reputation change.

What Causes a Bad Rec2Rec Reputation?

Let’s be honest – every industry has its bad apples, and recruiting is no different. We recognise that the most frequent instances of poor reputation originate from bad communication between consultants and clients. For example:

  • Consultants who don’t take the time to get to know a business and understand their needs could result in candidates plucked from CV libraries without careful consideration and screening about their eligibility for a role.
  • Lack of understanding about the client and their advertised role, where candidates are not briefed – could lead to candidates that do not turn up for interviews.

When we formed Raymond George Consultancy, we wanted to bring a human approach to the Rec2Rec landscape. With an unusual style of not being driven by KPIs, we focus on the long-term success of our clients and candidates.

So, What Is The Real Reputation Of Rec2Rec?

Certainly, no industry is without generalisations. From ‘slimy’ Estate Agents to ‘sensationalising’ Journalists, no industry can escape being stereotyped. So what is the real reputation of Rec2Rec recruiters? For a group of professionals whose sole purpose is to help people realise and reach their career dreams, it seems the current generalised reputation may be slightly unfair.

Evaluating the Stereotype

“Recruiters will say what they need to to make a placement, irrespective of morality or company ethos”

Recruiters are excellent sales people. At the end of the day, recruitment is a career in sales, where people are not only the purchasers, but the product too. Any successful salesperson whether they be selling cars or cosmetics has to be persuasive, knowledgeable and clever-talking.

Rec2Rec recruiters, in particular, are incredibly knowledgeable about their area of expertise after all, their candidates are recruitment specialists too.

“Recruiters are only in it for the money”

Is being money-orientated necessarily a bad thing? Often, money is one of several motivations that help recruiters stay focused and provide a good level of service to their clients and candidates – alongside finding fulfilment in helping people progress into better or more suited roles, or helping a client to find the right fit to enable business growth.

Like any job, money may well be a large incentive to do well, but this does not necessarily mean recruiters are not also people orientated.

Being A Good Recruiter Takes Talent

Not just anyone can be a successful recruitment consultant. Certainly, you can opt to study a Business Management or Human resource course at university, but there is no Bachelor’s Degree in Recruitment. Why? The recipe for a successful recruiter tastes a little different. It requires a mix of organisation, people skills and a sprinkle of determination and a drive to help others succeed.

How Do I Choose a Good Rec2Rec Recruiter?

A good recruiter will understand any reservations you may have, especially if you have received a bad experience in the past. They should work with you closely to build a healthy relationship, taking the time to understand your business’ recruitment needs and being honest and consultative about your career choices.

At Raymond George, we’re always open and honest with our clients. We understand the sector’s current pain points and want to play our part in helping the sector back to its feet through tailored, professional advice.

Do you require a Rec2Rec recruitment solution? Our team is always happy to provide guidance or further information about the boutique services we offer.

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