Should I Take A Job As A Recruitment Consultant In A Post Covid World?

It goes without saying COVID-19 has affected our lives in numerous ways. The vast switch to remote working, especially in roles previously only ever thought of as office-based, such as recruitment or sales, has changed the way we live and work for good.

So, is it the right time to take a new opportunity in recruitment?

In just a matter of months, the entire recruitment landscape has been changed. Today, companies are taking a considered approach to hiring, while candidates place opportunity and job security at the forefront of their mind.

Certainly, it may depend on the industry you wish to enter. For example, while major losses were experienced by the hospitality and eventing sector, technological recruitment has thrived. Certainly, with government initiatives allowing many individuals to retrain or reskill for sectors that have previously experienced vast skills shortages, now may be the perfect time for recruitment consultants to capitalise.

What Does the Recruitment Industry Look Like Post-Pandemic?

Undoubtedly, the pandemic brought a great “pause” and thinking space for major corporations to reflect on their personnel, diversity metrics, succession plans and overall workings of their businesses.

This risk assessment, coupled with a swift recovery, are a recipe for growth and advancement – the likes of which unseen for over a hundred years:

The above graphic presents the economic recovery following the last global pandemic. At Raymond George, we’ve noticed a particular bounce back in our Canadian offices, seeing a great drive to not only get the recruitment industry back on its feet, but to thrive in new ways.

Unlimited Talent pools

With less need for staff to be present, businesses have opened up massive untapped talent pools. When you consider one of the greatest challenges growing recruitment agencies face is attracting top talent to new locations, this could be a game-changer for brands willing to invest in infrastructure to support distributed, remote teams.

The Rise of the Consultative Approach

If you prefer a consultative approach to outreach, recruiting in a post-pandemic world may be the job for you.

Now more than ever, where so many people have lost their jobs due to the financial impacts of COVID-19, recruiters need to ‘humanise’ their approach to candidates and clients alike.

This can be achieved through a consultative approach, offering helpful advice to clients and candidates by sharing their expertise and industry knowledge.  It’s no secret to recruiters that engaging with passive candidates during the pandemic became harder. Therefore, recruitment consultants must take a more consultative approach in order to attract the top talent.

Personal Branding Across Social Media/LinkedIn

As the world of recruitment changes, it’s important that recruiters look for new ways they can add value. And that’s especially true, for socials.

Social media is a great tool for recruiters to tap into the passive market- if done correctly. Taking the time to perfect your LinkedIn profile and social approach is the ultimate investment.

Learning the best time to post, how many posts your followers like to see a day or what type of posts reach the largest audience, gives you a great advantage in a digital world.

Recovery, The Honest Facts

  • Organisations will be making up for lost time, hiring to compensate for the setbacks of COVID-19.
  • There will be less competition for recruiters. As a result of COVID-19, recruitment company numbers have dwindled. Therefore, there will be far fewer recruitment consultants than there would be if 12 months’ worth of trainee hiring had gone ahead.
  • Career changes. People who weren’t 100% sure recruitment was right for them may now have realised their calling is elsewhere during this downturn.
  • Many people who had been made redundant are now on different career paths. Just like after the credit crunch of 2008, great recruiters and great businesses will emerge from COVID19.

(according to Hunted)

Research Your Potential Employer

Every recruitment firm is different – make sure you research the firm you’re considering joining. In particular, pay attention to how they have managed and treated fellow consultants during COVID-19. This will give you insight into how the company values its staff and whether investing your talent is a good option for your career.

Recruitment in 2021…

When it comes to finding a new role, you want to work with an agency you can rely on. Your career is built on finding the best opportunities for candidates, and you should have confidence in any agency you work with.

At Raymond George Consultancy, we prioritise integrity, honesty and clarity, above all else. As a Rec2Rec boutique agency, our aim is to support consultants through each step of the recruitment process, providing clarity and expert advice so you can make informed decisions about your future.

Speak to a member of our expert team here or browse our latest insights.

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