Money V Job Satisfaction

In the world of recruitment and staffing we are constantly discussing money, whether it be our fees, our commission or a candidates salary or total compensation.

When it comes to our salary, is bigger always better?

Our jobs as recruiters mean that we are paid for both our time (salary) as well as for performance (commission or bonus) so it’s important that we consider the whole package when we are thinking about a move or what we are currently earning. These days employers are offering so many different benefits to attract talent that salary isn’t always the primary focus. One size doesn’t fit all and even though a candidate may request a certain package, you can be sure there are other motivators tucked away which will retain them in the business for longer.

When interviewing candidates it’s often an opportunity to discuss other aspects of the job such as their individual motivators. Did they really stay with that employer for 10 years because they received a new Breitling watch once a year? Probably not. Many employees have left jobs due to incompetent leadership and lack of recognition in the workplace so delving into previous reasons for leaving are a high priority.

When speaking to your clients, discuss their leadership teams management techniques, flexible working options, progression plans, staff turnover and annual leave entitlement as well as the hard cash being offered with the opportunity. If you are lucky enough to meet the line managers interviewing for the vacancy, then welcome this with open arms as ultimately their personality will impact whether or not their employees are engaged at work, or not.

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