Is 2021 the Right Time to Look for a Better Job in Staffing?

Undoubtedly, deciding to move jobs is one of the biggest decisions a person can face. Determining whether it is the right time to leave your current role can be an unsettling thought for many. Especially as only a few months ago, the staffing and recruitment industry was flooded with job uncertainty – the Canadian staffing index fell by 33% in just one year.

Of course, the impact of Covid-19 cannot be understated. As many in the aviation industry swapped skies for supermarket shelves, the economy forecast looked hazy.  However, the worlds’ technology industry began to explode. The vast demand for online software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Social Media and Google Hangouts resulted in huge growth forecasts- the Tech sector is set to leap from $131 billion to $295 billion within the next five years. Just like that, the Canadian skies are bright once more.

Certainly, we believe this highlights a huge window of opportunity for staffing and recruitment agencies. Therefore, it may be the right time for you to consider a better staffing role. Our industry generates more than $15 billion towards Canadas’ economy and crucially, supports these growing sectors such as; information technology (IT), engineering, sales & business development and healthcare.

Whilst the bleak effects of Covid-19 continue to reverberate in Europe, the Canadian market continues to move, paving the way for a huge expansion in personal development. Director of the Personality Change Lab at the University of California Davis, Dr Wiebke Bleidorn, detailed that self-exploration during lockdown “may lead to increases in ‘self-concept clarity’, people have coherent beliefs about themselves and their goals in life. Therefore, deciding if it is the right time to move jobs is a more prominent question than ever.

How to Decide Whether to Leave Your Current Job

When deciding whether it is time to change jobs, you should ask yourself the following:

  • Are you good at what you do?
  • Are you in the top 10-20% of performers in your office? Or your Company?

Remember: You are marketable if you are successful in your current role particularly in staffing where personal productivity is easily quantifiable.

As the pandemic caused non-essential businesses to grind to a sudden halt, huge corporations in Canada as well as an abundance of staffing organisations are now avidly seeking Sales Executives and Account Managers to optimise this wave of growth. Salespeople who have demonstrated work experience and can strike the balance between sensitivity in a crisis and driving sales upwards are very marketable.

Identify Your Desire to Move Jobs

Asking yourself, what do you want to achieve in your career? What is your main motivation? Why do you really want to change roles? Or Companies? By identifying what your desire to move jobs is, you should be able to conclude whether you need to change Companies to achieve your goals.

How have you been treated during Covid-19?

The response to this question has very interesting responses when we interview potential candidates. In some cases it has actually become the main reason why people are choosing to look for alternative employment.  In other situations, it’s created a huge sense of loyalty to existing employees, and unknowingly employers have retained staff that perhaps were on the lookout prior.

On the flip side if you are thinking of a move, asking how your prospective employer reacted to the pandemic and treated their staff throughout is a great way to highlight any potential red flags or certify your reasons to move roles, and to choose specific organisations.  How the workplace will operate when we are back in an office space are also details that should be questioned through interview.

How Can I Determine Which Staffing Firm You Should Move to?

One way is by utilising the internet. Researching a staffing companies’ reviews through trusted sites such as Glassdoor can help give you an honest insight as to how the business has treated its staff during the Covid-19 crisis.

Additionally, searching for the chosen company on social media can also provide a clever view of work-life balance. Are there any posts from company events? Do they share content frequently about their team achievements? How have they combated working from home? This can help identify whether the company is the right fit for your career path.

Moreover, you can easily identify how much investment has been placed on staff wellbeing by looking at the office itself. Many staffing businesses are now investing huge amounts into spacious, ‘friendly’ workplaces, containing breakout rooms and game spaces for colleagues to strike that crucial balance between work and play.

Furthermore, it can be highly beneficial to identify and pinpoint where the business is on its road to recovery from the global pandemic. What was their business loss? Did they offload high numbers of staff and are now looking to re-recruit? This could be a red flag not to move roles.

On the other hand, is there evidence that the business excelled in recent months? Are they keen to continue the movement within the Canadian market?

Certainly, it’s not an easy decision,  however, with good research, you will be able to grasp some aspects of the office dynamic and whether this is the right place for you to thrive.  In addition to all of these investigative methods, asking your Rec2Rec, their view on their clients or what they know about other organisations in the market place can also help you form an opinion.

The Market is Still Moving. Should You Move With it?

Now that many of us have returned to work albeit often from home and the staffing industry is moving once more, we believe we have entered a pivotal turning point. Our clients are now hiring and are the tip of the iceberg particularly in the IT and health sector.

Our advice? Take advantage of the current market. 

Certainly, if you are considering working in staffing or still deciding whether to move jobs, now could be the perfect time for you to make the leap.

Want further advice? Speak to a member of our team today.

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