Happy 2nd Birthday Raymond George Consultancy

2 years! WoW and how it’s flown by!

And now operating in CANADA!

The last two years have literally flown by, and how things have changed for our Recruitment business that places staffing/recruitment professionals in to other staffing/recruitment firms.

How crazy is the concept in itself?

Well maybe it is crazy as you might imagine that staffing organisations are in a great place to recruit their own people as their teams interview all week, every week however… finding people that are great in our industry isn’t as easy as you might imagine.

We’ve grown from two owner/operators – that’s Julie Robinson and Jenny Finch to four other team members placing in both in the South of UK and now in GTA – Canada.

Odd locations? Well not necessarily – we believe that being local and meeting both candidates and clients is necessary to make a great match and as we have one of our directors living in Toronto and one in Hove, UK that makes perfect sense. It also offers candidates the opportunity of a move between Countries as some of our clients offer sponsorship if your skill sets are of interest.

The services of a Rec2Rec which is an expression given to our niche is common place in the UK, but in Canada less so. Whether it’s an expression you know of or not, there are distinct benefits in utilising an organisation that can help you with your job search which ever industry you are in and we wrote a blog about it too!

We look forward to many more years placing talented people that literally change other peoples lives and if you know of someone that would like some help navigating the landscape of staffing and recruitment we offer great referral fees too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Raymond George Consultancy

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