8 Reasons Why You Should Work in Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most thrilling industries to be in. You are head to head with your competitors daily and see immediate impacts of your effort on both the candidate and client side. You feel like you are a part of every success and every challenge for your candidates and clients which can make you an incredibly aware and empathic individual. Of all the many reasons to want to pursue a career in recruitment, we’ve distilled it down to the 8 most important reasons below:

1. You Help People

Helping people find work is incredibly rewarding. In many cases, candidates show gratitude to you for helping them along in their career and that, in itself, is a rarity to most positions these days. Even if you can’t help everyone get hired, it is your professional insight and time given that empowers your candidates to move forward on the hunt. Watching a candidate develop in their role and industry over years while knowing you had a hand in carving that path with them, is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

2. You See How Businesses Really Work

Very few people get the backstage pass to how an organisation really operates and if you are doing your job thoroughly you are seeing the good, the bad and the ugly in each of your clients. Not only does it give you a more informed understanding of different sectors and industries, but it can also help you to learn about hiring trends and where the job market is headed. When job postings are touting the same, if not identical, language about their culture, it can be really unique to have actual first hand experience about what that translates to onsite.

3. You Are Your Own Brand

Everyone works for someone and you will be expected to represent a general code of conduct. Yet, the best part of recruitment is the entrepreneurial edge that you have in conducting your business because we all know at the end of the day, it’s about the results. The personal touch that you put into showing your clients and candidates that you care is what sets you aside from the competition and emphasizes why they are trusting YOU with their career and/or business.

4. Recruiting is at the Forefront for Business Impact

Recruiting has been proven to have the number one impact on revenue and profit of any talent management function. When you put the best person in the seat, it shows in the numbers. It is noticeable to everyone on the team when high quality work is done on time. A single great hire could mean greater innovation and productivity for an entire organisation.

5. Never A Dull Moment

People often complain about the monotony of their 9-5 position. These people are not working in recruitment. When you are working with a portfolio of diverse clients and candidates, no two days are the same and that is one of the most thrilling aspects of the job. You may get to travel to different markets or break into a totally different sector that’s become ‘hot’ overnight, it’s your ability to solve problems new and old that keep things interesting every day.

6. You Are Always Learning and Improving

With the emergence of new technologies and best practices, recruitment is a culture of learning and process improvement. Often you attend conferences or even give presentations to a room full of thought leaders on topics affecting the industry. It’s inevitable that you will make mistakes and from that you will learn how to fail well, accept rejection and the art of compromise which are invaluable skills that not all industries embrace as openly as recruitment does.

7. Security

Aside from the obvious monetary gains and benefits that come with working in a lucrative industry, by developing your skills in recruitment it guarantees that you are highly employable. The skills that you carry with you as a result of working in recruitment are highly transferable and could lead to positions in Public Relations, Account Management, Events Planner, Career Counselor, HR Manager or Life Coach. The reality is, in your role as a recruiter, you have put on many of these hats (usually simultaneously) throughout your work week.

8. The Thrill of Winning

Perhaps we were a bit brazen when we said that everyone should want to work in recruitment. The truth is, it’s a highly competitive environment so those who have an internal drive to achieve will come out on top because as we all know if you snooze, you will lose. You must pursue your business with a level 10 fervour that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The good thing is that because your impact is very much based on your desire and ability to thrive in a high pressure environment, it will quickly become obvious if a career in recruitment was the right move for you. The industry itself is a tightly knit network where clients become candidates and vice versa meaning that it’s a reputation economy and your credibility is worth its weight in gold. If you do well by a candidate today, that candidate could be your biggest client tomorrow and by holding yourself to a higher standard, you double your rewards.

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