5 Reasons Why Your Best Hire Isn’t Always The Obvious Choice

In the business of recruitment to recruitment, we want the very best recruiters bar none. When procuring your next hire it can seem only logical to begin your search by eliminating candidates that don’t have recruitment experience or those candidates that don’t have exposure to your sector. The idea being that a square peg would really fit best in a square hole, it’s practically science! Or is it…

Here are 5 reasons to reconsider that impulse to ditch the ‘alternative’ candidates in your pile:

Fresh Energy

Bringing on a new hire from an a different industry that has solid transferable skills OR a recruitment pro from an alternative sector means that the job or the different sector is all new to them. As an employer you might think that sounds like a bad thing, especially when it comes time to train them.

The truth is that being excited about a new role or sector and applying skills that you have already to a different type of job in recruitment means that in most cases candidates possess an open-minded nature that will create engagement on a totally different level. Having that open mind, adaptability and a zeal from “fresh” candidates is priceless.


Hiring a candidate that appears to be a blank slate may seem like an onerous undertaking when it comes to ramping them up. If you are able to get past this preconceived notion you can see this hire as a blank canvas – one which you can customise and design to your liking. Think of all of the companies that hire new grads for this reason! It is your opportunity to start from scratch. Candidates that come with the sector background OR have worked in the recruitment industry for years and years, often also can come with baggage.


We promised we wouldn’t say it unless absolutely necessary. Those words that makes us all cringe: ‘restrictive covenants.’ Hiring from within recruitment/your sector means you are likely and immediately blocking off access to this candidates network – possibly for up to a year.

So you might have a well-seasoned candidate but they still need a fresh list of prospects – kind of seems like more work in some ways, doesn’t it? Hiring a candidate from an entirely different background can mean unusual inroads at some of the most coveted clients without having to worry about legalities. It also means that they won’t come with the bad habits of another firm or bias of candidates within your sector and that alone, is worth its weight in gold.

Long-Term Attitude

A person doesn’t normally ditch years of specialised experience unless they are serious about making a change in career long-term. If you are lucky enough to hire a fully trainable, capable recruiter who wants to make the switch and be mentored, you will have loyalty and the long-term attitude to match. Their network will be built from ground zero and you as their new employer, will be their hero for giving them that chance.

New Direction, Fresh Perspective

Tips and tricks are quite transferable in recruitment – by hiring someone that doesn’t necessarily tick all the boxes when it comes to exposure may open the door to new ways of approaching recruitment riddles from a high level. Fresh eyes, fresh perspectives can mean fresh new and shiny business.

What’s the risk, really?

When considering all of these benefits to hiring outside of our industry or your sector the positives seem to outweigh the negatives. There is always the risk of a bad hire, even when you think you’ve uncovered that hidden gem that ticks all the boxes and presents like a dream.

By taking a leap of faith, you might just uncover your next rockstar leader, one that you can train from within and mould to your liking. If you hire for attitude and cross reference for reputation, it is our belief that the rest of the nuanced skills and success will follow.

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