5 Creative Ways to Wish Your Clients A Merry Christmas

Tis the season to feel warm and fuzzy inside and out! It is also the BEST possible time to let your clients know that you appreciate their business but before you dial up your local edible arrangements – remember that a personal touch can go an extra long way. We’ve come up with a few creative ideas to get you started:

Post a Handwritten Christmas Card

In this day and age it can be tempting to shoot off a slew of e-cards with the dancing elves to the lyricless royalty free christmas music but you know what’s even better? A handwritten note! It’s more personable, thoughtful, and let’s be honest, less tacky. Rather than an electronic greeting card that gets buried in emails, a handwritten card is a physical reminder that will live on their desk until after holidays and, once they return, will make them think of you!

Gift Them an E-book

There is something about sharing books that bonds people together. Perhaps it’s a book that you had mentioned in passing one time or a book that speaks to their company’s core values. By personally recommending a book, you are showing an investment in their business and attention to detail which is appreciated by most every client. Not to mention, it gives you a great reason to get in touch come Jan 1 for the official review (and let’s be honest, praise).

Make a Donation in Their Name

Skip the cliche bottle of booze or box of chocolates – the number one thing people complain about at the holidays is weight gain. Give them a gift that they can feel good about by spreading feelings of altruism. You can easily uncover hints about causes your clients champion by skimming their LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook pages. If you choose a lesser known charity, share some information about how the donation is helping and why you chose to support on their behalf and it is sure to put a smile on their face!

Host a Christmas Mixer

The holidays are a busy time for most people so planning in advance for this one will be key but bringing clients together to mix and mingle for some board games and peppermint Schnapps can be a really nice way to say thank you. With a captive and jolly audience, you can also use this time to announce any exciting developments planned for the new year, offer pre-wrapped mystery gifts for referrals and swap drink tickets for non perishable food items for the local food bank. Pin the nose on Rudolph, anyone?

Do a Social Spotlight

Bust out the 12 days of Twitter for the 12 days of Christmas! By using your social outlets to spotlight one or more clients of yours that you admire, it can generate a very merry buzz. People love to be acknowledged for their hard work and by profiling them with consideration, it emphasises that your understand their mission and thereby their needs. It also gifts them the most important (internet) gift of all new followers (which can later mean new business). It’s a very strong move for anyone looking to take their client relationship(s) to the next level.

By taking the extra time to show clients that you appreciate their business it reflects an intentional approach to doing business that most anyone can appreciate. Going the extra mile to show this appreciation in ways that are meaningful and with a positive impact just might win you some gifts in the form of new business come 2018.

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