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Looking for a Near Field Communication (NFC) Recruitment job?

At RGC, our team of experts understand the value NFC technology has in everyday life - from our mobile payment systems to our wifi networks and Bluetooth communications, NFC allows users to make secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with just a touch.

As a result, we recognise the important role that NFC recruitment consultants play, ensuring we can source the talent to create, maintain and implement NFC technologies. At RGC, we recruit for a number of NFC roles including NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters.

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Why choose RGC as your NFC Recruitment partner

Raymond George Consultancy is a boutique rec2rec agency. What does this mean? It means, we’re all about doing the right thing. Whether you’re seeking an entry level NFC role or have a great level of NFC recruitment experience - we will never place you into a role that does not meet your personal needs or goals for the future. It’s what we pride ourselves on.

Certainly, we’ve been in the recruitment industry long enough to know that bigger isn't always better. Our collaborative and honest approach within an industry that often omits a human touch, sets us apart. That’s why our candidates return to us at various stages of their recruitment career. 

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