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Health and wellness is of paramount importance especially in todays world.  Positivity, stress management and feeling supported in your role and your Company will help us get through very difficult times.  Raymond George have a developed network of colleagues who can provide support on a customised basis for whole companies, or individuals who need it in your team.

Contact us to get more insights for one to one coaching sessions or group meetings with content that focuses on health, wellness and support in the workplace.

  • Alison Farmer

    Based in Washington, DC, I have more than 20 years’ experience in management and leadership roles across a variety of industries, including workforce management, real estate, and education. I most recently served as the Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development for Aquent, the largest global staffing firm serving marketing and design professionals. I’m passionate about helping women build the skills and confidence to excel at the highest levels of leadership within organizations.

    While my experience spans different industries and functions, a few themes unite most of my work:

    • I’m drawn to organizations that are start-ups (or divisions of large organizations that operate like start-ups), so I’m able to relate to the pressures that come from wearing many hats and being asked to “do more with less.”

    • I’ve repeatedly been deployed to “turn-around” underperforming teams, so I’m sensitive to the challenges of assessing operations and making tough personnel decisions in a way that feels fair and allows me to sleep at night.

    • I’ve worked closely with founders, owners and the executive suite to develop new products and strategies, so I understand the tact and confidence necessary to balance the needs of competing stakeholders and gain consensus.

    Alison will be working closely with our clients to ensure we can continue to diversify our services.

  • Monica Bloom

    Monica Bloom is a staffing expert, fused with Ayurvedic wellness, mindset coaching, and improv training. 

    "As a Recruiter, I grew business fast and achieved company Elite status in less than 2 years, during a recession. As Regional Director in staffing, I grew the San Francisco market from 1.8M to 5.2M in two years, boosting our market to #1 in revenue in the country. And here's the cool part. I'm really not that smart! 

    But I know the rules of improv and used those as my main tool to bring my team together to achieve massive business growth — and we had lots of fun, too. When we show up with full presence ready to LISTEN and say "YES!" to helping others, we can quickly bounce back from setbacks, and focus on driving the business forward, together. Improv is the mindset, team-building tool we need to adapt and thrive in uncertainty."

    By using this skillset, she builds teams who work harmoniously and not in competition. This allows the entire organisation to drive forward together, adapting and thriving through periods of uncertainty

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